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We offer you a unique set menu every week with both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian meal options. This menu will run from Monday to Friday and will be delivered to your door-step. All meals are curated by our team of chefs and nutritionists and hence healthy, tasty and calorie counted.

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Client Testimonials


"Good Life Eatery has been saving me from my lazy cooking for months now. More than their daily on time delivery it’s the variety and taste that triumphs it all. You never get tired of any of their menu items whatsoever! 10/10 will recommend to anyone who is looking for healthy and tasty meal options!"

~ Ms. Rajathilagam

(Since Aug '21)

This Week's Menu

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Opt for our Protein UP option to add-on extra protein to each of your regular meals & hit your high protein macro goals!
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