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Our subscription meal offerings:

We offer you a unique set menu every week with both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian meal options. This menu will run from Monday to Friday and will be delivered to your door-step. All meals are curated by our team of chefs and optimised by our nutritionists to ensure they are healthy, tasty and calorie counted.



Lunch OR Dinner

INR 1575 onwards

(per week)

Balanced & Wholesome multi-cuisine meals macro-balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, veggies & healthy fats


Under 350 kCal


INR 1125 onwards

(per week)

Low Carb Meals that include Salads, Soups & Veggie Stir fry's



Balanced + Low Carb

Lunch AND Dinner

INR 2500 onwards

(per week)

Plan your lunch and dinner with one balanced and one low carb meal. Receive both the meals together as a single delivery.

Under 500 kCal


Macro Chart

Calorie & macro breakup for every meal will be shared


Pause & resume as per convenience

Flexible plans


Protein UP

Add-on extra protein to your meals



Individual meals from the fixed menu


CN Balakrishnan

It has been a very healthy association of mine with The Good Life Eatery over the past 1.5 years. Their USP has been healthy calorie controlled meals, timely and efficient service, meals are low on oil & right amount of spice, sensitivity to allergies, variety in meals & since meals are 500 kCal, I am really healthy, happy and fit. 


My favourites are the high protein salads with their in house organic based salad dressing, pesarattu Dosa with chutney, Pumpkin soup. For vegetarians like me they have Paneer in most dishes that are very soft! I enjoy their Protein bars that are really delicious!


Ridhima Walia

When I moved to Chennai, I really had to struggle the initial few months to find healthy food according to my liking.


Good Life has been nothing short of a blessing . Their dishes are of the right quantity, have a lot of variety ( from indian to continental, you name it and they have it! ) , they’re yummy, come in great packaging , the food’s always on time and most importantly, it’s healthy and calorie counted food!


You won’t really have to look anywhere , Good Life is simply amazing


Guru Mahesh

Scrumptious food that you can stuff your face with, without worrying about the calories! TGLE's innovative fusion creations bring together the best of Asian, Italian, Indian and my most favourite Mexican cuisine, surprising you with a mouth watering menu week after week. They are my go to destination not just for lip smacking dishes but because I can eat guilt free and feel light after every meal!

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