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Diet Plan
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Say hello to         sustainable weightloss!

Welcome to The Good Life Bootcamp - a 14 day weight management program that gets you started on a healthy & sustainable weight loss journey that promises lasting results! 

About the Bootcamp

Weight loss can be an intimidating process especially for someone who has just starting out on this journey. Fad diets like Paleo, KETO, IF can show immediate results but are not sustainable in the long run. We also understand that it is impossible to live on just salads and juices for the sake of losing weight. 

At THE GOOD LIFE BOOTCAMP, we approach weight loss very differently. 

Our philosophy around weight loss is to ensure you are not deprived of food but to understand

what your body really needs & give it just that. Simple! 

Our philosophy


"I hate how my body looks" - NOT!

Your weight management journey can never start from this place. You need to start by understanding, trusting & acknowledging the true wonder that your body is. Let go & believe!


There is no good and bad food. There is just FOOD.

Our body needs more of certain types of food and can only tolerate small quantities of certain other types of food.


One meal or one day can never set you back.

If you look at your journey as a long term one, which you absolutely should, one day of eating out or one meal of your favourite food is never going to affect your journey.


Eat the damn cookie!

Yes, it's absolutely alright to eat your favourite chocolate chip cookie. If you beat yourself about it, you are going to end up with an entire slice of cake next. If you enjoy the cookie, chances are that you are going to be back on track much sooner!

The Method

  1. We understand your body's calorie & macro requirement for a day and plan a calorie deficit of around 300-600 kCal

  2. Customised meal plan for you customised to your lifestyle & habits

  3. Home delivery of 3 customised meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) tailored to your individual plan. 

  4. A snack chart with calorie counted snack options

  5. A 14 day exercise schedule with 30-45 min mild to moderate daily workout plan 

  6. Constant follow up and feedback on whatsapp to ensure accountability

  7. Closure call at the end of the bootcamp with a plan on how to continue this post the bootcamp

You bring in just the commitment
we will take care of the rest!

Abhinayaa Prabhu

4 kgs lighter in 2 weeks
Postpartum weight gain is so stubborn. On sticking to the diet plan strictly, I was able to see good inch loss (nearly 3 inches) and I lost almost 4 kgs.

Arundathi Balachandran

3 kgs lighter in 2 weeks
The good part was that it was a diet comprising of real food that I could keep up with post the bootcamp. I really liked that the team kept me honest with daily nudges. I'd love to do this again.

Rumaiza Saleem

2.5 kgs lighter in 2 weeks
The meals are fun and yum. The team is very hands-on and keeps in touch with you constantly. The meals are customised and this personal touch is what made me choose TGLE. Very reasonably priced for the amount 
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