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Own Your Lifestyle Program

Own Your Lifestyle is a nutritionist-linked meal program that is customised for you based on your conditions, lifestyle and weight goals. When you come onboard this program, you will take up a consultation call with our certified nutritionist who will understand your requirement & suggest a meal plan that works for you. In addition, we at TGLE, will customise your meals, based on her advice, to help you reach your goals.

Why This Program?

Your lifestyle is everything & it begins with the food you have. Your weight, mood & productivity depends on the lifestyle you lead! And it is time you #ownyourlifestyle!

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Priyanka got her post graduation in Clinical Nutrition from Indiana University in the year 2018. She is currently a clinical nutritionist at MGM Healthcare and also has her private practice in Chennai. Priyanka specialises in women's health and specifically targets treating women with hormonal issues like PCOS & infertility. She is a lifestyle counsellor and focusses on sustainable weight management and lifestyle changes for her clients. She also has been an active speaker and trainer at quite a few corporate wellness programs.

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